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Posted by on Mar 20, 2016 in Optical |

What Kind Of Eye Doctor Are You Seeing?

What Kind Of Eye Doctor Are You Seeing?

There are millions and millions of people who need to undergo an eye check up. Some of them don’t even know that their eyesight is starting to deteriorate. If you are having some difficulties in seeing from afar (or even in near), you need to see an eye doctor. But with so many practitioners out there, how would you exactly know where to go to? And how can you tell them apart? If you’ve already experienced an encompassing and extensive eye check up or eye care practice, you have probably met a lot of eye care specialists already. They could be an opticians, optometrists, or ophthalmologists. The question remains, what exactly do they do? What is their difference among the others?

Opticians – they are the ones who are helping out the optometrists and the ophthalmologists. They assist these doctors in caring of a patient’s vision. You can also refer from this post at They also aid in conducting eye exams for patients. Basically, they have studied a 2 year technical course and got their degree afterwards. They assist the patients on their request for prescriptions. They also help determine the best lenses for a person who needs to adjust their contacts or repair their frames. Although they work in the same field as the optometrist and the ophthalmologist, they are not considered doctors.

Optometrists – they offer the same services for eye care as an ophthalmologist would. But optometrists do not have any medical degree as well. Although they are not doctors, they have also undergone a four year degree course in college. They are trained to check the eyes. They are also trained to diagnose conditions and eye disorders such as cataracts and glaucoma. They also prescribe medication for other eye problems and they can prescribe contact lenses as well. To make it short, optometrists are the practitioners who are going to check your eyes and see if there are any conditions such as far sightedness or near sightedness. For the complicated issues that require surgery, you need to be referred to the ophthalmologists.

Ophthalmologists – the ophthalmologists are the practitioners or the medical doctors who have undergone medical school. They are trained to take care of their patients’ eyes. Eye care includes conducting surgeries, prescribing corrective lenses, giving eye exams and also, they diagnose any condition or disease related to the eyes. An ophthalmologist should complete a 4 year pre medical course. After which, another 4 years in medical school, a year for internship and 3 years of special training in surgical eye care. They are the only practitioner who can perform surgeries in the eyes. You can recognize them by seeing an MD on their name or a DO.

Every professional plays a good role in assuring you that your vision is going to be taken care of. Visit an eye doctor at least once a year. You also need to make sure that you have updated your benefits and that you have scheduled a proper time with the office. Make an appointment. Going to the office directly probably won’t do you any good as these practitioners are always busy.

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