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Posted by on Mar 8, 2016 in Optical |

The Importance of an Ophthalmologists in One Man’s Life

The Importance of an Ophthalmologists in One Man’s Life

There was this guy who called his optometrist because he was having a big problem with his vision. In fact, it was such a huge problem; he immediately wanted to see his optometrist right then and there. You see, according to the guy, he was losing his eyesight. But when he called his optometrist, his optometrist was unavailable. He can only set an appointment up 2 weeks from now. Of course, the patient was practically frantic about it. He really believes that he is about to lose his eyesight.

He called his sister and told her about his situation. His sister told her to calm down and perhaps seek another practitioner’s help. But the guy was pretty insistent to stick to his optometrist. If you are going to read the post at, you’ll see further discussions. After all, he was the same guy who have been adjusting and repairing his eye glasses and contact lenses for years! But his sister insisted to see another practitioner anyways. So the guy did what his sister advised him. The problem was, he doesn’t know any optometrist in their small town. So he drove all the way to his sister’s place so that he can meet his sister’s ophthalmologist.

He went to see the doctor with his sister and many tests were conducted. Since the guy’s optometrist was out of town, he has to see his sister’s own doctor to give him some new specs or probably some peace of mind on his situation. He was still a little panicked because his eye sight on his left eye was still inconclusive.

When he had his eye checked out, it was declared that he had floaters. This was not a big deal for him. He had floaters as far as he can remember and it didn’t really bother him at all. Besides, floaters are something that he shouldn’t be worried about, as told by his optometrist. But the guy was still frantic and said that every time he drives, his left eye spots one thing and the other. He believes something is truly wrong. Because of this explanation, the ophthalmologist gave advised him to get an MRI. The MRI was scary for the patient. He was freaking out because he was feeling that there could be something not right in his eye.

After the MRI results were out, they found out that there was a tumor pressing on his optic nerve. The patient was very grateful to his sister and to his sister’s ophthalmologist for being quick on their feet about the case.

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