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Posted by on Feb 8, 2016 in Optical |

Adult Eye Problems – The Problem With Eyesight

Adult Eye Problems – The Problem With Eyesight

There are so many people who are blessed with the perfect 20/20 vision. There are also thos who are very unlucky. The moment their eyes spot on something, their vision will start to ripple away and waver. For the adults, it is normal for them to experience eye problems. At some point, as a person ages, his or her eyes will let go of its vitality. Some of it is due to conditions, diseases or disorders.

Thanks to the modern technology that we have today in the society, many of these diseases and disorders are eradicated with the help of the doctors. Laser surgeries and other treatments are being performed by licensed ophthalmologists. They are the ones who can help you if you need any surgical treatments.

Here are some of the most common eye problems an adult can face that you should know of.

Dry eyes – this is one of the problems that many adults face that many tend to overlook. People have glands called the lacrimal glands. They are in charge of producing tears to your eyes. As you recall in your basic biology, tears is actually very helpful in cleaning out your eyes. When the glands stop producing them, it can cause irritation called dry eyes. If taken lightly, this can cause an even greater issue. It can lead to numerous kinds of infection. You need to visit your eye doctor for this right away.

Cataracts – this is the most common problem that many older people share. When the protein molecules clump in your eyes, it cause a cloudy deposit or cloudy spot. The cloudy spot is the cataract itself. This disease will slowly form in the eyes. An ophthalmologist is going to monitor the growth of the protein. Once it obstructs the vision, surgery may take place.

Diabetic retinopathy – this is the condition wherein the blood vessels in the eye are starting lose its function therefore limiting the oxygen supply to the retina of your eyes. This occurs to older patients who are suffering from diabetes. This will result to a bigger problem too. Adults who have this kind of eye disease should have a regular check up with their ophthalmologists. Patients who have this will more likely be having surgeries.

Tearing – tearing can be caused by numerous factors. Some of these factors are light, wind, changes in the temperature and many more. When this happens very frequently, it is an indicator that a bigger and a more serious eye problem is in the picture. This adult can experience dry eyes, eye infections, eyesight issues and many more. You can read some good details from A visit to the eye doctor is a must.

There are so many issues that older adults have to handle in terms of their eyesight. Some of them even go blind as early as 80 years old. For you to avoid such a disaster, always visit your eye doctor if you suspect any condition happening. The moment that you start losing control of your eyes would be the determinant to pick up the phone and make an appointment.

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